What Does an Interior Designer Do?

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An Interior design is a professional who designs the interiors of buildings and spaces. This is a specialized field within the design industry, requiring more education and training than interior decorating. An interior designer works on a variety of projects, including residential and commercial spaces. They are often required to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design or architecture and pass the three-part National Council for Interior Design Qualification, or NCIDQ, exam.

Does interior design has a good career?

There are many types of interior design 4s design styles, from contemporary to rustic to industrial, each with its own defining characteristics and elements. To find the right designer for your project, choose one who understands your tastes and can communicate with you effectively.

While some designers work solely on residential projects, others specialize in commercial spaces such as restaurants, hotels and offices. In these settings, an interior designer must consider issues that are not always present in residential spaces, such as the needs of staff and client safety.

Often, an interior designer’s first task is to assess the space and determine its potential. They then develop a series of design concepts and produce sketches or computer-generated images to help clients visualize their vision. Once a design scheme is approved, they may also act as project managers, coordinating with contractors and trade specialists.


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