The Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator

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smallest portable oxygen concentrator

The smallest smallest portable oxygen concentrator is the perfect solution for those who are in need of a small, lightweight oxygen system. These machines are typically smaller than home oxygen systems and run on rechargeable batteries for hours of reliable therapy, making them an ideal alternative to tanks and other large stationary concentrators.

The newest innovation from O2 Concepts, the Oxlife Freedom delivers robust pulse dosage flow options and three times the oxygen output of other leading POCs for those on the go! This whisper-quiet unit offers five pulse dose settings that meet the needs of a variety of users.

The Advantages of Using the Smallest Portable Oxygen Concentrator: Freedom, Mobility, and Comfort”

A compact, ergonomic design rests comfortably against your body’s natural curves, providing maximum comfort and easy operation. This small, lightweight POC is FAA approved for in-flight use on commercial airplanes and is available with both a single eight-cell battery and an extended 16-cell battery.

It features an LED display that shows battery time and power status, as well as alarm functions for optimum user safety. It also has a grade button that allows you to control the output of oxygen.

This is an excellent product for patients who have difficulty breathing during sleep because it can distribute more oxygen to compensate for shallow breaths. It can help people get the sleep they need, so they don’t have to worry about waking up in the middle of the night with their oxygen levels low.

These portable oxygen concentrators are incredibly quiet and small enough to fit in most carry bags, so they’re an ideal choice for travel. These machines are also very durable, so they can stand up to a bit of bumping and pounding.

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