The Differences Between Kratom Strains

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kratom strains


The differences between kratom strains may seem puzzling at first. After all, the plant itself can deliver a wide range of effects—from increasing energy to promoting sleep induction. This variety is due to the way in which the kratom plants are grown and harvested. There are three major types of kratom leaves, which are often categorized by their color and by the kinds of effects they produce.

Red vein kratom is typically more potent than white or green, as it has had longer to mature. This is why it offers the strongest pain relief benefits of all the kratom varieties. It also has energizing qualities that can help increase focus and productivity. Green vein kratom leaves have more subtle effects than red or white strains, but they are still considered stimulants. It can help reduce stress and anxiety by delivering feelings of peace, comfort, and serenity. It can also promote relaxation and enhance sleep by reducing muscle tension and stress.

Red, Green, or White: Which Kratom Strain Is Right for You

Bali kratom leaves contain the highest amount of the alkaloid mitragyna speciocilinate. This is the most popular strain sold by kratom vendors. It has been said to be the “jack of all trades” because it provides the best of both red and white vein kratom. It can promote energy, boost mood, and relieve pain. It can also improve sleep and enhance focus.

It is important to purchase your kratom from a trustworthy vendor. Look for a company that follows the American Kratom Association’s GMP standards and is transparent about its product testing and verification. A reliable kratom vendor should publish the results of its third-party lab tests.

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