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The Best Online Games for Developing Spatial Awareness

Visual spatial processing, or visuospatial skills, are the abilities to mentally rotate, manipulate, or analyze 2D and 3D shapes. This is the same type of thinking that helps you pack your suitcase or park your car, but it is also used to read maps, write stories, or understand mathematical equations. Even more basic activities like walking around a room, drawing with crayons, coloring in books, and playing sports or games that involve following directions also build spatial awareness. URL

Playing online games is a fun way to strengthen visuospatial skills. Some of these games focus specifically on spatial reasoning, while others help train other cognitive skills, such as visual memory or attention to detail.

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The Brain Trainer app by Addicting Games includes a number of different games that work on various cognitive functions, including spatial reasoning and visual processing. These games are free and can be played by anyone over the age of 6.

Other apps that improve spatial processing skills include Tunnel Trouble, a game designed by Busythings, which has 25 progressive challenges for players to solve. This game requires a combination of sensory, perceptual, and motor processing to complete each challenge.

Some board and card games also work on spatial reasoning, such as Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes, a multiplayer game in which one player is tasked with defusing a bomb while the other players read him the bomb manual. This game can be played by kids of all ages and provides an opportunity to practice social-emotional skills, too.

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