The Benefits of Music Education


music education

Music education  can have a dramatic impact on your child’s development. From improving self-esteem to building essential skills, it is a key part of a well-rounded education.

Music improves mental capabilities

In addition to developing language skills, music enhances memory and boosts motivation. This is because students must memorize several aspects of music at once – rhythms, pitches, dynamics and more – when they are performing.

It can also help to build a strong sense of teamwork. Often, music lessons require students to work together on a performance or a class assignment.

The Benefits of Music Education for Brain Development in Children

Music training appears to be more effective at building brain power than physical exercise and may change the structure of both white matter (which carries information through the brain) and gray matter (which contains most of the neurons that are active in processing information). It can help children focus their attention, control their emotions and decrease anxiety, according to a study from the University of Vermont College of Medicine.

More than just a leisure activity, music is a powerful tool that can enhance your child’s academic performance and prepare them for the world of work. Research shows that music increases cognitive and non-cognitive skills more than sports, theater or dance, and it has been linked to improved reading, math, socialization and other school grades in adolescents.

Despite the many benefits of music, however, the arts are often pushed to the sidelines when schools strive to ensure that their children excel in standardized testing and gain necessary skills for future job opportunities. With a degree in music education, you can get the training to teach at any level from kindergarten through high school, and with your certification you will be qualified for employment in public and private schools as well.

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