The Basics of Pest Control

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Pest removal company is the process of managing the presence and behaviour of various pests to minimise their impact on humans, property, and the environment. It can involve preventative measures and the use of pesticides, or biological controls such as the nematode that kills caterpillars and beetles in the garden or bacteria (bacillus thuringiensis) to control gypsy moths and potato rust flies.

What is used for pest control?

The best pest control is prevention. Keep your home clean and remove food sources for pests, such as overripe fruit or crumbs. Regular vacuuming and sweeping can also disrupt their breeding and nesting areas. If you must use pesticides, select a product registered for your specific pest. Also look for one that has the label ‘non-toxic to pets and children’.

Choose an established pest control service and ask for references. Find out what their pest management strategy is, including how they identify and assess the problem and its severity. Look for an accreditation such as Quality Pro – this is a good indication that they have met a set of standards.

Be sure to follow their instructions closely when applying pesticides. If they recommend spraying, carefully read the label and apply to cracks, crevices and voids where the pests are hiding. Remove food, cooking utensils and personal items from the area before treating. Also make sure you open windows when applying insecticides to reduce indoor odours and wear protective clothing when using chemical pesticides.


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