The Basics of Gravity Bongs



gravity bongs

Gravity bongs are a great way to enjoy your weed without worrying about germs. The device functions by pushing cannabis smoke through a small hole in the top chamber of a bottle into your lungs. The device’s name relates to its science experiment-like appearance. When you flip the device, the water in the bottom chamber vaporizes and is released through the top chamber, which is filled with smoke.

How to Make a Gravity Bong? 

The basic components of gravity bongs can be bought in a store or you can make them at home with basic household items. All you need are some basic tools and about ten minutes to create one. You will need a box cutter and knife to make the bong. When you are ready to enjoy your marijuana, make sure that the bowl is carved out a bit so that the water is able to flow into it. This will increase the smoke capacity, which will give you a much higher high.

Gravity bongs are a great way to experience a bigger hit, and they provide a stronger high. They are best for a small amount of weed, but larger versions can hold more smoke. Another benefit of gravity bongs is that they are a novelty, so you can use them at parties and special events. It’s also a fun way to spice up a smoking session and impress someone.

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