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Royaltv01 are a fun way to get students moving and testing their skills. They also teach teamwork, cooperation, and conformity to game rules. It’s important to keep in mind that these games are meant to be enjoyed by all participants and that winning isn’t as important as learning new skills and gaining confidence in one’s abilities. Relays are great for recess, summer day camp, or any time a class needs some extra exercise.

A relay race consists of four runners in their assigned lanes. They run a set distance for their leg of the race while transferring a baton to a teammate at a designated changeover box (also known as an exchange zone). Runners must be able to handle a heavy, hollow aluminium baton and pass it quickly in order to compete successfully. The outgoing runner must remain in their lane and must be within a 20-meter changeover box while handing the baton to the incoming runner, who must make a quick and clean transfer of the baton. A verbal cue such as “stick”, or “up” is given to the incoming runner to signal that they are close to the exchange zone. A runner who fumbles the baton or begins running before reaching the changeover zone is disqualified.

Mixing It Up: Gender-Neutral and Mixed Sports Relay Events

The final runner of each leg is referred to as the anchor leg, and this is generally the fastest member of the team. The anchor is tasked with making up any time lost by the other members of the team and maintaining or increasing their lead.

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