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Project playgrounds bring kids and their parents together to build a playground for the community. They are often built in conjunction with local schools and are designed to address the school community’s needs. The process of designing a playground with the help of experts is a great way for families to learn about safe and appropriate equipment and surfacing options. More info:

Before starting to design a playground, the first step is to determine the available space. An expert will assess the area and determine what equipment will fit, taking into account the age range and development abilities of the kids who will use it. This information will be used to determine how many components the playground will have and how it will be configured.

Community Engagement in Project Playgrounds: Building Together

Choosing the style and aesthetic of the playground is also a crucial part of the planning process. Whether it’s a natural wooden aesthetic that brings nature into urban locations blends beautifully into a park, or a futuristic look that fits an urban area, the design and material choice will have an impact on the playground’s overall image.

Recruiting volunteers to participate in the building of the playground is another important aspect of this type of project. The skills that are needed vary, from clerical and legal experience to sales and fundraising expertise. Getting the community involved in the construction of their playground is a great way to promote ownership and discourage vandalism. The resulting sense of pride in the playground tends to encourage children to visit frequently and engage in healthy physical activity.

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