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Linen shirts are essential for any man’s wardrobe. The breezy fabric evokes summer holiday vibes, reminiscent of the beach shirts worn by Alain Delon on the Cote d’Azur in La Piscine. They’re also a great option for those who like a more jazzy look. You can find a French twist on the classic check with a linen shirt mens from Jacquemus, or go for a blue and white tie-dye shirt by Nicholas Daley.

Linen shirts don’t just look good on vacation – they’ve become everyday shirts, as well as tech-y gorp options and laid-back T-shirts. They’re casual enough to wear with shorts, yet dressy enough for the office. And unlike most cotton shirts, they don’t wrinkle. That’s part of the rakish appeal of this material.

While linen shirts have traditionally been associated with holidaying, modern designers are making them more stylish than ever. A linen shirt from Bode depicts wave patterns and dragons, while Versace’s has seashells studded with pearls and precious stones. You can even make a linen shirt to look like you’re in a vintage movie.

When choosing linen shirts, it’s best to go with a loose, relaxed fit that’s not too baggy. The shoulder seam should be at your actual shoulder, rather than being too high or too low. If the linen shirt is too tight, you should consider buying a size smaller.

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