Kettlebell Workouts For Lower Abs – 3 Great Core Workouts

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kettlebell workouts for lower abs

For those looking to add more core work to their kettlebell workouts, here are some great exercises that you can incorporate. These workouts will help to not only burn fat, but also strengthen your core and give you that killer abs look. Source kettlebell workouts for lower abs –

1. Plank Pull-through

In this exercise you are essentially performing a plank, but with a kettlebell. Start in a plank position, hands underneath your shoulders and feet in a wide shoulder-width stance. Reach with your left hand and grab the kettlebell, keeping your abs tight. Then pull the kettlebell through to the right side of your body and down toward your legs, forming a sort of figure-8 pass. Repeat for 6 to 8 reps on each side. This is an intense core-focused workout that will burn through your love handles and also work your shoulders and back.

Targeting the Lower Abs: Kettlebell Workouts for a Strong and Toned Lower Core

2. Wood Chops

The wood chop is another core-focused kettlebell workout that works the obliques. Begin in a plank position with the kettlebell placed on one side of your body. Reach under your torso and drag the kettlebell across to the other side of the body, making a figure-8 shape with your lower body. Then return the bell to the starting position. Repeat for 10 reps on each side.

3. Kettlebell Side Plank Row

Begin in a side plank position, with the kettlebell positioned on one side of your body and a hand gripping it directly underneath your chest. Pull the kettlebell down and out to the side of your body, and then pull it back up over your head to return to the starting position.

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