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kangen water machine is popular for those seeking to improve their health through a higher alkaline diet. A higher alkaline diet is believed to help fight disease, aid weight loss and increase energy levels. Unfortunately, there is little scientific evidence to support these claims and the price of a kangen water machine may outweigh its benefits. Instead, regular filtered water may be just as beneficial and much more affordable.

Is Kangen Water actually good for you?

The kangen water machine is a water ionizer manufactured by Enagic. Like all water ionizers, it works by passing your tap water through charged plates that electrolyze it to change its pH level. During this process, the negative ions are separated from the positive ions to create mineral hydrates that have antioxidant properties. The ionized water is believed to be good for the body because it helps neutralize acids and eliminate waste.

While the kangen water machine does produce healthy ionized water, it is also one of the most expensive machines on the market. In addition, the kangen water machine’s pH levels of 10 don’t reach high enough acid-fighting alkaline levels to combat serious health issues. A more powerful ionizer, such as the Life Ionizer MXL7, costs half as much as a kangen water machine and produces healthier ionized water at a more reasonable price.

Another major problem with a kangen water machine is its poor customer service. They have an awful rating with the BBB and offer a surprisingly short warranty period of only 5 years when other competitors give a lifetime warranty. Also, it should be noted that they claim their products will cure diseases and help people lose weight, but these claims are bogus.

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