Is Bottled Drinking Water Any Better Than Natural Water?

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There are many different brands of bottled drinking water on the market today. Each has its own unique look and feel, but once you’ve decided on a particular brand you’ve likely decided to stick with it for good. What’s nice about that is a wide selection of bottled water can help keep a customer from having to make numerous trips to the grocery store for water, and it helps a customer make a decision about which type of bottled water is best for them. At first glance, there may be a lot of difference between various brands of bottled drink cool water, but after taking into consideration some basic facts, it becomes clear that not all bottled water is created equal.

Tips to Keep Your Water Cool

In the store, there are many different kinds of bottled drinking water available, which includes spring, purified, and filtered. A wide variety of choices, such as mineral purified water bottles, flavored zero calorie water, carbonated mineral water bottles, and vitamin purified water bottles may encourage a consumer to do even more taste testing. While taste testing may seem unnecessary, knowing what goes into each bottle can help make a distinction between brands that are better and brands that are worse. Some brands of bottled drinking water are simply not as pure as others.

There are two major federal regulations in place concerning the quality of bottled drinking water. The Safe Drinking Water Act and the Clean Water Act require that water be categorized according to health risks for consumers. If a product is determined to have harmful health risks, then it is required to have a warning label on the product. However, the two acts only target federal regulations, meaning that each state is responsible for its own water quality laws.

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