How to Set Up a Facebook Ads Management Campaign

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Custom Facebook Ads Management is a powerful tool to help you reach and engage your audience. When done correctly, your ads can drive measurable and sustainable business results for your brand.

To set up a campaign in Ads Manager, you need to choose your objective. This will be what kind of action you want your campaign to achieve, like increasing traffic, getting more leads, generating more sales etc.

Tailored Success: Custom Facebook Ads Management for Your Unique Needs

Once you have your objective set up, it’s time to create an ad. You can select an existing post from your Facebook page or upload a new creative asset. You can also choose the format for your ad (single image, carousel or video) and include a headline and primary text. You can also add a description and set up ways to track how people respond to your ad—they click to be redirected to your website, they sign up for your newsletter, they download your app, they visit your physical location or store, and more.

You can also choose between buying types—Auction or Reservation. Auction is best for campaigns where you’re looking to optimize for conversions and prioritize reach, while Reservation might work better in campaigns where you’re looking for more predictable returns and are less interested in capitalizing on your competitive advantage.

You can even use custom breakdowns for more granular targeting options. For example, if you’re running a Black Friday promotion and want to target users who have watched your videos on Facebook, you can do this by selecting Engagement as your breakdown.

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