How to Reset the Default Username and Password on Your Router

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IIf you have an older computer and you have enabled the automatic setting of a static IP on your modem then you may have not heard of a DNS server, but what it is essentially is a way to find your username and password to your router or access point by typing in the IP address of your router or access point instead of the user name and password. The DNS server will return the IP address that you typed which in turn will find the name of the domain name that you are trying to connect to. Often times this will only work if the router or access point has been set up properly otherwise you may just be able to see a blank page or webpage when you try to logon. Here are some things you can do when this happens to see if there is a way to change the default username and password for your router and modem. Click here to read more useful info.

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You can log onto your router admin console via the internet and enter the default username and password that has been assigned to you when you turned on your computer. Often times if you reset your modem or router you will lose your username and password associated with your wireless network. This can happen when you do a quick or manual reboot after updating your operating system or installing new hardware. You can also use the Wireless LAN Settings Utility to find and change your username and password to your router admin panel.

If none of these methods help you then it may be that you have a virus or worm that has reset your router or modem to its default password and you cannot get back into it. If you are still unable to logon to the internet you can contact your internet service provider and they will assist you in resetting your password. If all else fails then you can try to find the login information for the modem and router in your system documentation or online web browser and see if you can recover your username and password. There are free solutions online but it is recommended that you use paid services to help you recover your login information. It is not worth the risk to take, especially if you have just lost your username and password and cannot get back into the router or modem.

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