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Check an IP address is a unique string of numbers that identifies your internet device and its general geographic location. It’s how websites and devices communicate with each other over the internet, and without it the internet simply wouldn’t work.

You can find out your own IP address by opening Settings on your iPhone or iPad and tapping Wi-Fi. Tap the information button (a blue “i” inside a circle) and you’ll see your device’s private IPv4 and IPv6 addresses at the bottom of the screen. Alternatively, you can use a free IP tracking tool to get more information about the device or user associated with an individual IP address, such as their country and state. This can be useful for detecting if you’re the victim of an IP address-related attack or to report the attacker’s IP to internet service providers, law enforcement, and other entities that investigate cybercrime.

Verifying IP Details: Check an IP Address

The ability to trace an IP address is one of the reasons many people choose NordVPN for their online security needs. With a NordVPN account, you’ll have a private IP address that only the devices on your home network can connect to, and your public IP is only revealed when you visit a website or send an email. Your public IP is a valuable piece of personal information that can be used by hackers, advertisers, and other unsavory characters to track your browsing history and other digital breadcrumbs.

In addition, businesses rely on IP geolocation to target ads or optimize their services based on user location. For example, a business might want to promote a local event in New York City and ensure their ads are seen by potential customers in the city.

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