How a Paving Contractor Can Improve the Curb Appeal of Your Driveway


driveway paving in richmond va

paving Richmond VA are a major component of the curb appeal of your home and one of the first things that guests see when arriving. The best way to create a stunning driveway is to hire a professional for a paving project. Whether your existing driveway is damaged or you want to switch from gravel to asphalt, a driveway installation and maintenance contractor will help you achieve your dream driveway. The job of a driveway contractor includes planning the project, removing any existing surface material, preparing the ground for paving, installing the base and pouring the asphalt. They also are responsible for ensuring proper drainage and utilities are accounted for.

The type of driveway you choose depends on a variety of factors such as cost, longevity and maintenance. Gravel is inexpensive and available in a wide variety of colors, but it can be difficult to maintain due to shifting and crumbling. Concrete is more expensive than gravel, but it is long-lasting and durable. Brick pavers are more costly than concrete, but they can add a unique style to your home.

Different Types of Driveway Paving: Which One Is Right for Your Home in Richmond

Once your driveway is installed, a paving specialist should inspect it periodically to make sure the underlying materials are in good condition. If you notice any damage, the paving contractor should be able to repair it for a reasonable fee. Common problems include alligator cracking, potholes, depressions, rutting, block cracking and edge cracking. Some of these problems are caused by poor drainage design, heavy vehicle loading, lack of support on the edge of the pavement, excessive vegetation growth and improper compaction during construction.

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