Home Inspections – What to Look For in Home Inspections

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Home Inspections is a very important part of real estate investing. A thorough home inspection will let you know if there are problems with your home that need to be fixed before you sign on the dotted line. You can learn about various types of home inspections, how they are done, and what to look for. This article will give you a good overview of home inspections and what to look for.

How To Learn Home Inspections – What To Look For In Home Inspections

Home inspectors are trained to spot problems with homes that might otherwise be hidden and unreported. A thorough home inspection will usually consist of looking for: roof leaks, structural issues, plumbing, dampness, mold, visible damage to building materials, etc. A home inspector is also trained to spot problems that could negatively impact your ability to resell your property and should report these problems as soon as possible to the real estate agent or your lender. Home inspectors also have the training necessary to identify potential asbestos hazards and to remove it safely from your home if found.

There are many types of home inspections and all require similar methods of investigation, testing, and finding problems. The most popular types of home inspections include: pest inspection, roof inspection, indoor air quality inspection, heating and cooling inspection, visible damage inspection, visible water leakage inspection, HVAC duct inspection, and electrical inspection. In the above list of inspections, the most important thing to remember is that each one is designed to be different and that the services offered may be offered in different areas, or under different names. You need to understand the difference between the types of services provided. Pest inspection would include looking for insect infestation such as cockroaches or flies. A roof inspection includes looking for leaks and deterioration of your roof such as buckling and roof edging.

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