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Whether used for car repair and maintenance or as a makeshift workshop, garages see a lot of activity that can wear on flooring. This includes foot and vehicle traffic, dirt and dust, grease, automotive fluids and household chemical spills, hot tires and moisture that causes the concrete to expand and contract as it changes temperature.

Fortunately, a garage floor company can help you protect your concrete flooring and stylize your space at the same time. While many companies offer epoxy coatings, it’s important to hire a professional for quality results. The best garage floor company near me will use high-quality materials that are odorless, easy to clean and stain-resistant.

Garage Floors Reimagined: Exploring Local Experts in Your Area

One option that many homeowners choose is concrete resurfacers, which are mixtures of Portland cement, polymer materials and additives that are troweled or brushed onto the surface of a concrete floor. A floor resurfacing can be colored to achieve a specific aesthetic, but the color will fade with exposure to UV light.

Another common option is floor paint, which offers some protection by creating a thin topcoat on the surface of the concrete. While this is an effective way to improve the appearance of a garage, it does little to protect the concrete from damage.

A final option that some homeowners choose is a floor stain. While stain products do offer some color and can hide blemishes, they do nothing to protect the concrete. A high-quality stain product will come with a sealer, which helps the product last longer and prevents water and dirt from penetrating the surface of the concrete.

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