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In order to be a full stack web developer, one needs to understand both front-end and back-end technologies. It is also important to learn how to work with a variety of different design techniques. The responsibilities of a Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai involve developing website content and user interfaces, coding, testing, deploying and maintaining the entire web application.

Which full stack is?

Unlike traditional web developers, who focus solely on the front-end and not the back end, full stack developers have complete knowledge of both aspects of web development. Hence, they are capable of creating a fully functional and interactive site. In addition, they can also integrate a database, create APIs, and manage version control systems.

With the increasing need for businesses to maintain an online presence, there is a greater demand for full-stack developers. Moreover, companies prefer to hire full-stack developers because they possess the skills and knowledge to develop and deploy a complete web application. Therefore, the future scope of full stack developer training in chennai is quite promising.

Our Full Stack Developer Course in Chennai is designed for freshers and lateral career changers with zero coding experience. It helps you build an impressive resume by teaching all the necessary front and back-end technologies required to become a full stack developer. This course also includes various industry-relevant projects and a capstone project to help you gain hands-on experience in the field of web development.

This course covers the latest technologies that are being used by industry professionals. These include JavaScript, HTML, CSS3, Bootstrap, Angular JS, Node JS, Express Framework, and SQL database. You will also learn to use version control systems like Git, which is a must-have skill for any programmer.

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