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ADI Leak Detection

ADI Leak Detection is the original specialist leak detection company in the UK. Located across Wiltshire and the South of England, ADI Leak Detection engineers are trained in the latest non-invasive leak detection methods and have a wealth of experience in locating all types of hidden underground water leaks on your property.

Using specialised equipment, ADI Leak Detection technicians locate leaks in the most efficient and cost effective way for you. Whether you have an issue with a central heating system or swimming pool, ADI Leak Detection can help to save you money and stress!

Water mains supply leaks are one of the biggest problems homeowners face. They can not only affect the cost of your water bill but also cause subsidence, affecting footpaths and driveways and even the structure of your property!

ADI Leak Detection for Commercial Properties: What You Need to Know

Trace gas leak detection is an eco-friendly method which relies on a device which pushes pressurised gas through the pipework. It can also be used under floor heating systems to pinpoint where the gas is leaking from.

The best thing about trace gas leak detection is that it can be used on any type of concrete, compared to other leak detection methods which require tearing up the slabs or tiles!

Bio-leak detection is another non-invasive method that uses animals to search for signs of leaks. These animals may be trained to search for the odours of natural gas or they might be tasked with looking for any other signs of a release, such as a sheen on a wetland or an area of dead vegetation surrounding the pipeline.

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