Vanquis Credit Card Review

The Vanquis Credit Card is one of the first specialist credit cards available to people with poor credit ratings. It’s designed to help people improve their credit score, but also to encourage responsible borrowing and spending.

What happens if I go to my max credit on my credit card?

You can apply for the Vanquis Credit Card using their online application form, or by visiting one of their branches. Once you’ve been accepted, you’ll receive your card within two weeks. Depending on which type of card you choose, you’ll also be given access to an account management portal. This is where you’ll be able to pay your bill, check your balance, and set up text alerts to ensure that you make your payments. Source

As well as providing a credit card, Vanquis Bank offers loans and Internet banking. Those who apply for a loan must be a customer of the bank, and they must have good credit.

Unlike other credit cards, the Vanquis Credit Card has a high APR. If you go over your limit, you’ll be charged interest. But if you make your monthly payments on time, you can keep your APR to a minimum.

However, if you miss payments on your loan, you may find it more difficult to get a new one. That’s why it’s essential to always stay within your limit. Also, keep in mind that missing payments on loans can result in negative consequences for your credit rating.

Although the initial credit limit on your Vanquis credit card is relatively low, it can be increased over time. And, it’s possible to transfer your credit card to another provider.